Sports Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

Whether you are an elite sports person or just enjoy sports socially you can benefit from our services in sports physio in Colchester, Essex, and the surrounding areas. The key to successful physiotherapy in sport is assessing the athletes needs and level of physical activity so rehabilitation can be staged in a step by step process to facilitate return to play as soon as possible without injury recurrence. 
Treatment modalities can include rest, ice, compression, manual therapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy modalities, ultrasound , soft tissue mobilisation, massage, mobility exercise, strengthening and biomechanical correction. Return to play testing is also an important part of Sports Physiotherapy and can include isometric force testing, dynamic movement testing, video analysis and load monitoring. 

Sports Physio in Colchester, Essex 

Our therapists at Colchester Physiotherapy & Sports injury clinic not only provide sports physio in Colchester, Essex, but also across the country. Our experts deal with both elite and social sports people, with contracts with the University of Essex High Performance Unit and the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme. They have also travelled with National teams to World Championship and Olympic events. 

Conditions Sports Physiotherapy can Treat 


What conditions does sports physiotherapy help? 
Whatever level of sport you play, if injured sports physio can help.  
There are many ways injury can occur in sport e.g. direct trauma or overloading of soft tissue. These mechanisms of injury can cause tissue to be strained, tear or just become irritated and reactive. See our recent blog series. Sports physiotherapy helps diagnose these problems and then develop a rehabilitation to optimise healing and allow continuation of sport. 
What do I need to wear during my sports physiotherapy appointment? 
Depending where your injury is, loose clothing is usually a good idea so that access to the area can be facilitated. 
What treatments do you offer with sports physiotherapy? 
Many treatments can be used to treat sports injuries and integrated into a rehabilitation plan, these treatments may include exercise prescription, manual therapy, sports massage, biomechanical correction, acupuncture, strapping, kinesio-taping and other modalities that can help with pain relief or stimulate healing like TENs or low intensity pulsed ultrasound. 
Can I do sports after sports physiotherapy? 
Depending on the nature of your injury or problem, sometimes sport can be continued however in other cases sometimes rest will be required. All our physiotherapists will advise you after assessing your issue what level of exercise can be performed and the amount of loading required to optimise healing. 
What is the process of receiving sports physiotherapy? 
Booking an appointment for sport physiotherapy is easy, you can call us on 01206 579631 and ask to see one of our physiotherapists or click one of the book links on this page. 
"Craig is one of the most highly qualified and skilled physiotherapists in the sports and rehabilitation sectors that you will find. I highly recommend him and have enormous faith in his ability to assist healing to occur in the body. A Brilliant and caring practitioner who is enormously professional. 10/10." 
Muskoka Spa - 07 November 2020 
"Saw Carl today for the first time and it was obvious he had taken the time to look at my medical history which helped a lot. Nice guy who spent a lot of time not only ensuring I had the knowledge of exercises to help with the reason for my visit but also some exercises to prepare my body for some forthcoming training." 
RP - October 2023 
"Both Craig & Carl were fantastic whilst helping me recover from ACL reconstruction. Getting me back playing football quicker than I could have hoped. Would highly recommend to anyone for any sports related injuries or otherwise" 
Matt - 17 August 2022 


Craig Fowlie 

Senior Physiotherapist with a Masters Degree in  
Sports & Exercise Medicine 

Jane Marr 

Senior Physiotherapist with a Masters Degree in 
Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy 

Amy Eade 

Senior Physiotherapist 
Cancer Care Specialist 

Kath Birks 

Sports Massage Therapist 

Carl Green 

Senior Physiotherapist 
Specialist Musculoskeletal 

Our Accreditations 

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