Kinesio Taping Colchester, Essex 

Colchester Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic are pleased to offer treatment using kineso taping in Colchester, Essex and the surrounding areas. The popularity of this type of taping has increased over the years and its use is clearly evident in sport. Watch any type of sport on TV these days and you will be very likely to see athletes wearing brightly coloured tape. Kinesio taping differs from more traditional types of taping in that it has elastic properties which can be utilised to facilitate sensory feedback of muscles during movement.. 
There are many claims with regard to physiological benefits of Kinesio taping however these claims do not always have a strong evidence base. That being said it is a useful tool if used in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities as it can be used to offload injured tissue and reduce discomfort during movement. Kinesio tape is also useful in providing increased sensory (proprioceptive) input during movement giving the athlete a better awareness of movement through space which can facilitate earlier activation of muscles to protect against an injurious event. 

Kinesio Therapy in Colchester, Essex 

At Colchester Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic our therapists have expert knowledge in the correct application of both Kinesio and Rigid tape to facilitate rehabilitation and protect against injury. Visit us for kinesio therapy in Colchester, Essex and try kinesio therapy today. 
"Very professional, knowledgeable and understanding. With treatment and ongoing exercises, my injury has all but gone. Highly recommend." 
Sue - 13 September 2020 
"Can't praise this place highly enough. From the warm, friendly approach to the efficacy of the therapy everything was top notch 👌. I would recommend them to any one." 
Suopyuen - 29 July 2020 
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