Can I book an appointment and claim through my personal Medical Insurance policy? 

Yes. We have direct invoicing arrangements with a number of Insurance Companies. Click here to see if we have a contract with your Insurance Company. If your Insurance Company is not on the list, we can provide you with a printed or electronic receipt for payment on the day, which you can send to your Insurance Company for reimbursement of treatment fees. 

My Insurance Company says I have to check you are registered with a Professional Body to cover my claim. How can I check this? 

All our Physiotherapists are Registered Members of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Click here to check all the Professional Bodies we are registered/affiliated with. 

What can Physiotherapy do for me? 

Physio will help you understand what your problem is, give you an explanation as to perhaps why it happened in the first place, how to recover as quickly as possible from it, exercises to do at home, and how to prevent suffering the same problem in the future. 

What shall I wear? 

Your physiotherapist will need to see the affected area and surrounding joints. Therefore, if it is a knee or even a hip problem, shorts would be appropriate. For a shoulder or neck problem we will likely need to see your spine too. H2 
Please also bring a current medication list, and reading glasses if you need them. 

What will happen at the appointment? 

This largely depends on the problem. For example: If a stiff or painful joint is the problem, treatment will normally focus on mobilizing the joint by specific pressure techniques and increasing the flexibility of surrounding muscles and ligaments. You will then be shown exercises to maintain and increase this movement. 

What else should I bring? 

If you have any test results or X-Ray/MRI reports please bring them with you. Please also bring a current medication list, and reading glasses if you need them. 
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