Cancer Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

Cancer physiotherapy can be a very helpful and beneficial experience during and after Cancer treatments therefore leading us to offer Cancer Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex. Common side effects of treatment and recovery from Surgery often affect the musculoskeletal system. Joint stiffness, scarring, nerve pain, fatigue and muscle soreness are often experienced during recovery and having a physiotherapist who specialises in these types of complaints can make a big difference. 
Amy Eade is our experienced Oncology Physiotherapist offering cancer physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex and is available at the Clinic on Thursdays and selected evenings. To make an appointment please contact her by leaving a message on this number 07305 589550 

Physiotherapy for Cancer Patients in Colchester, Essex 

Common conditions that Amy treats in Physiotherapy for Cancer patients in Colchester, Essex: 
• Cording post-breast surgery 
• Radiotherapy fibrosis 
• Post-breast surgery shoulder pain 
• Rehabilitation following breast reconstruction 
• Post-operative scars 
• Shoulder complications post-head and neck cancer surgery 
• Cancer related fatigue 
• Post-operative joint stiffness 
• Peripheral neuropathy 
• Hormone treatment related joint and muscle aches 
• Lymphoedema 

Lymphoedema Physiotherapy 

Lymphoedema is a chronic swelling of a limb or region of the body as a result of a pathology in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for moving fluid around the body but it can be damaged by surgery (for example removing of lymph nodes in cancer surgery), radiotherapy or trauma, which can then lead to a build up of fluid presenting as swelling. Unfortunately, lymphoedema is a life-long condition so getting the swelling under control and learning how to manage it best is really important. 
Amy has been trained through the Lymphoedema Training Academy in the method of fluoroscopy-guided manual lymphatic drainage (FG-MLD), which is one of the newest manual lymphatic drainage techniques used to help reduce swelling. The technique was developed by researchers using fluoroscopy to watch the response of fluid under the skin while different hand movements were applied. The FG-MLD consists of the hand movements that were seen to be most effective at fluid movement. 
Lymphoedema management available includes; 
• Skin care advice 
• Lifestyle and work adjustments advice 
• Safe movement and exercise prescription 
• Compression garment advice and measuring 
• Use of foams in compression 
• Fluoroscopy guided manual lymphatic drainage (FG-MLD) 
• Teaching of self-lymphatic drainage (SLD) 
• Kinesio-taping 
"This is a great physio practice that really listens to what you need and works out practical ways in which to help you". 
Claire - June 2020 
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