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"Very professional service. A quick diagnosis for My15 yr old daughters knee pain, thorough examination and follow up exercises. Craig’s kind gentle manner and knowledge really put my daughter at ease. Highly recommended." 
Sarah - 22 September 2020 
"Very professional, knowledgeable and understanding. With treatment and ongoing exercises, my injury has all but gone. Highly recommend." 
Sue - 13 September 2020 
"Many thanks to Craig, really understood what the issue with my back was quickly identified how to resolve in few sessions. Highly recommend even with the covid restrictions was able to really help and provide face to face help." 
Ant - 17 September 2020 
"Excellent service Craig was really knowledgable and saw me quickly good advice and exercises." 
Sue - 29 July 2020 
"I can't praise this place highly enough. From the warm, friendly approach to the efficacy of the therapy everything was top notch 👌. I would recommend them to any one." 
Suopyuen - 29 July 2020 
"Craig was brilliant, he has helped me strengthen my knee after a quadriceps muscle tear, he explains things in a simple manner, gives me an update on the strength measurements of my legs and gives you the confidence to get going again. It is also great being able to get seen on a Saturday." 
Mike - 07 July 2020 
"I've been to see Craig a few times over the past few years. He's always been extremely kind, very professional and managed to provide suitable exercises to help each condition heal.I would definitely recommend him as a physio." 
Catherine - 12 July 2020 
"This is a great physio practice that really listens to what you need and works out practical ways in which to help you. Craig is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced physio and will always be my go to person when i get injured!" 
Claire - 25 June 2020 
"Craig was super helpful, knowledgeable and friendly during my first consultation about a running injury. He provided me with lots of detail and a solid plan to work towards to strengthen my ankle and recover, I’m looking forward to our next session. Would definitely recommend ☺️." 
Megan - 29 June 2020 
"Excellent and HIGHLY recommend Craig's professionalism, knowledge and expertise. This wonderful physiotherapist saved me from paralysis and my family and I cannot thank him enough." 
Angie - 18 June 2020 
"At the beginning of February I underwent Ankle Arthrodesis and 6 weeks later was basically told by the hospital that I was on my own ! A mutual friend recommended Craig and I'm so pleased she did ! At our first consultation Craig reassured me that the discomfort etc. was quite normal and gave me exercises. My ankle immediately began to feel better and stronger and had continued to do so with his help. Craig is friendly, reassuring and totally professional and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him." 
Alan - 24 June 2020 
"Excellent service and very friendly. Craig is very knowledgeable. I first saw Craig some years ago following a motor racing accident. I improved very quickly with Craig's help. More recently I have had a problem with my arm and already it is much improved." 
David - 17 June 2020 
"Friendly. Great service. A safe pair of hands - worked his magic and now I’m back to 100%" 
Lucas - 18 June 2020 
"Exceptional clinic. Craig is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I have found all of his sessions (whether face to face or remote) to be extremely effective. Would highly recommend." 
David - 03 June 2020 
"I started to visit Craig and his team late last year after being referred for a long standing back problem. I immediately felt at ease with Craig due to his calm and attentive approach. Craig would always assess my current state versus progress whilst setting me new challenges that meant I genuinely enjoyed every physio session as I knew I would feel better afterwards without ever feeling that I was at risk of going backwards in my recovery. I can honestly say its the best I have felt in a very very long time and I genuinely feel the skill and knowledge that Craig applied and shared has made me feel so much stronger, fitter but most importantly I'm now in control of my body rather than always feeling the reverse. Thank you so much for everything Craig and thanks to Annette and your team for the fantastic service I received." 
Chris - 15 June 2020 
"Have been a patient here for a number of years. Craig has treated me on several occasions and has always understood the importance for me of getting back to sport. Highly professional and knowledgable, I have even had a back complaint diagnosed and successfully treated via Skype during lockdown. Would definitely recommend this practice to anyone needing a physiotherapist." 
Helen - 14 May 2020 
"Craig is the only physio to have sorted my back in all my life! He also diagnosed on video chat during COVID my BPPV (vertigo) after straining my shoulders with weights, and led to my complete cure within a week. He has been invaluable to me these past three years." 
Cate - 7 May 2020 
"Having visited an osteopath who was unable to resolve my back issue after many months, I decided to turn to Craig and he sorted my issue within 6 weeks. For the first time in a year I was without the daily pain and was able to finally get a proper sleep. Booking that first appointment with Craig was a complete game changer and I am so pleased that I did! Craig’s gentle manner soon put me at ease, and it was clear from the outset that he knew what he is doing. The exercises to do at home were not too many, were easily explained by Craig, and were easy to follow. I thoroughly recommend Craig; he is simply brilliant and has restored my faith in this type of treatment." 
Rachael - 24 October 2019 
"Following months of left hip pain which had been vaguely diagnosed by my GP as ‘probable age-related arthritis’ (I am 62) and actually aggravated by ‘virtual’ physiotherapy via the telephone, I eventually saw Craig who quickly diagnosed a hip tendinopathy. He confirmed by his examination that I had no arthritis. There then followed eight sessions of skilled treatment with manipulation and ultrasound, together with demonstration of appropriate isometric exercises and advice on lifestyle adaptations. I followed his advice to the letter. I am thrilled to say that I am now back to full pain-free mobility, walking miles without any problems - something I had not been able to do for months. 
Thank you, Craig, for your expertise, kindness and invaluable advice on how to help myself. Thanks you also, Annette and the team, for always an efficient and cheery welcome at each of my visits to the practice!." 
Anne - 6 January 2020 
"Thanks to Craig and his expertise I’m back on my feet again following an ankle injury. Craig is meticulous in his approach and care and his advice is always thoroughly explained. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. He has treated the whole family for various injuries and we wouldn’t go to anyone else! Thanks Craig!" 
Sarah - 4 September 2019 
"Craig, Annette and the team at Colchester Physiotherapy offer both a professional and personable approach to their treatment. Excellent communication and diagnosis and a thoughtful approach to treatment and future prevention. I would recommend Craig to anyone seeking treatment in Colchester." 
David - 9 September 2019 
“I injured my shoulder, breaking my collar bone, whilst on a pony trekking holiday in Wales. Once the bone was set and the General Hospital discharged me I decided that a course of physiotherapy at a sports-injury clinic would help me to complete my recovery. I decided to try "Colchester Physiotherapy" and am very glad I did .I found the set-up both efficient yet really helpful and friendly. I was treated by Craig Fowlie, Senior Physiotherapist and feel that he has helped me on a number of levels. He took me through a series of treatments which increased in level of difficulty at each meeting and after sessions he e-mailed me the exercises we had done together so that I could practice them at home thus building up my strength and range of movements in my own time. He also provided a period of massage of the shoulder area to complement the execises and to help to loosen up the muscles that had become tense with pain and lack of use. 
I am now pretty much pain free; I have full movement of the arm and shoulder joint and a set of exercises that I can continue on my own to gradually re-build strength and stability in the shoulder area. The treatments were all administered in a totally non-threatening and private environment and the centre is very clean and professionally set up. I feel that my treatment has not only helped to regain physical ability and strength, but has been administered in such way that my overall confidence has been restored also: physical injury can have a detrimental effect on confidence and mental well-being as well. 
The only drawback I can see with my experience is that for a person without their own transport the centre is somewhat awkward to attend. I know that a shuttle service is available from the previous premises in central Colchester, but unless one lives quite near to that address, it would not help very much. I am essentially able-bodied, but for a person with mobility issues, the location could prove more problematic. 
However, overall, I am totally happy with my experience and would definitely recommend "Colchester Physiotherapy" and Craig and his associates to anyone needing physiotherapy." 
Carol - 29 August 2019 
“Craig has sorted & helped me to help myself, with exercise & tips. Thank you so much Craig." 
Jacqueline - 13 August 2019 
“I came for physio after suffering knee pain after running. Craig carefully assessed my running position and helped to realign my positioning, while strengthening the affected area with targeted exercises. Craig explained the reasoning behind my discomfort and how the exercises would help, which really aided my understanding of what I was doing and why. I’m glad to say that I’m now back out running without discomfort." 
Camilla - 2 September 2019 
“I have used Colchester Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic twice and on both occasions I have found Craig’s knowledge, professionalism and work practice to be first class. Being able to run without pain for the first time in years but also now having the knowledge to keep me running pain free is testament to Craig’s approach to treating his clients. Easy to book appointments and excellent communication from Annette with upcoming appointments, a seamless and first class experience from start to finish" 
Steve - 2 August 2019 
"Hi Craig and Annette 
I never thanked you properly for all your help with my recent knee problems. Craig you have a mountain of knowledge that helped me to try and improve my strength in my legs which I continue to do. Both you and Annette are so incredibly organised so thanks for all your help. I imagine it won’t be long before I’m back (probably September) after a fall out with my dog Molly and now have a fractured right ankle and wearing a lovely boot for 6 weeks ! My other ankle was also did not come out of it unscathed so will be looking for some advice and help soon." 
Many Thanks 
Bev - 6 August 2019 
"After suffering over 6 months of neck pain, I booked an appointment with Craig Fowlie and during the initial consultation, he identified my posture (work and study) as a major causal factor. After just the initial physio session of deep muscle massage, the difference was incredible! I had a further 2 physio sessions and have now completed the treatment. I thoroughly recommend Craig Fowlie, and should I need physio in the future, he would be my first choice. Excellent facilities, easy to find and plenty of parking." 
Jen - 16 July 2019 
"I came to Craig with a torn calf muscle. The program back to full mobility was a mix of ultrasound (pleasant), manipulation (not quite so pleasant) and gradually more forceful exercises. Key for me is that without Craig's help I may have pushed too hard, too early and gone backwards in my recovery. I hope I don't need Craig again, but if I have an issue I will return." 
Brian - 31 July 2019 
"This comes with sincere appreciation for all the care and support that you have shown both to me and my husband, Ian. Your treatment is not only physical - your good humour and gentle way was therapy in itself. Nothing has been too much trouble, and your dedication and kindness makes you a true credit to your profession. 
Many thanks, 
Warmest regrds" 
Jane and Ian - 6 June 2019 
"My experience with the treatment I had was excellent Craig was very caring and discussed my disability issues very clearly. He recommended that I continue with the exercises and if for any reason to contact him so I could go privately if necessary. 
All in all a positive experience thank you" 
Barbara - 27 June 2019 
"I visited Craig in November after experiencing pain in my ankle from running. I wanted to try to run a half marathon distance but was struggling to get over 4 miles without pain. Craig assessed me over two appointments and watched me running where he advised me on my running shoes and gave me exercises to strengthen not only my ankles but my legs as well, to prepare me for longer distance running. In January I ran 7.5 miles pain free and am on my way to the half marathon. I can't thank Craig enough for the advice and encouragement." 
Phoebe - 24 January 2019 
"I found Craig to be very friendly and knowledgeable. His advice was tailored to help me recover from a twisted ankle in time to do my first triathalon. The exercises he gave me really helped, and I have improved faster than I expected. I would return to Craig if I had any sports injuries in future and would recommend him." 
Lorna - 4 June 2019 
"I would like to express my thanks for the very good treatment received recently for my Achilles Tendon injury. Craig Fowlie treated my injury with ultra sound and massage which is hastening my recovery. I also received very good advice on exercises to speed up the process." 
Many thanks. 
George - 15 November 2018 
"I would recommend Craig to anyone. When I injured my back I was at a point where I thought the pain would be with me forever. Craig reassured me and after massage and exercises which I persevered with, I am now back to my old self again and feeling great. Thank you Craig for all your expertise." 
Julia - 27 November 2018 
"Thank you for your patience and care when treating my lower back problem. With the exercises you have shown me, I will be back to full health soon." 
Geoff - 26 July 2018 
"Following two visits to Craig regarding my troubled knees, I was delighted with the treatment and attention to detail he gave. Clearly and thoroughly explained and the ongoing exercises will make my life much more comfortable." 
Ken - MCFC supporter - 10 October 2018 
"Some months ago – and I have no idea how or why – my right leg became stiff and inflexible. I could walk around without too much difficulty but getting a sock on the foot in the mornings was excruciating and took ages. I would stand there wondering why although the sock was only a few inches away from my toes it was simply too painful to make that final connection. Although you expect this sort of thing when you age (I am seventy now), I realized something had to be done. In despair, I tried physiotherapy with Craig. In the mornings I religiously practised the exercises he recommended, but with no real confidence in the outcome. But – blow me – before I knew where I was I could flex my right knee again and reach the foot to tie up shoe laces, get the sock on and off my foot and all the rest of it. Unbelievable. Craig: you are a miracle worker and this is one of those times when just saying thank you seems completely inadequate." 
Dr Paul R. Sealey, FSA - 5 June 2018 
"Just wanted to say many thanks for your help in getting greater rotation in my clunky, clicky shoulder joint! Very happy to say I now have full rotation and can 'windmill' equally on both sides with no discomfort and various yoga positions are also much more comfortable as a result. The clunking is also reduced and I'll continue with exercising to hopefully maintain the improvements. Many thanks once again." 
Patricia - 19 June 2018 
"From the outset I had great confidence in Craig's diagnosis/treatment, and subsequently it progressed pretty much how he predicted. I like his calm, professional manner with a littlehumour thrown in. On the whole a very professional, welcoming Practice." 
Myrna - 24 April 2018 
"Craig was recommended to me by my daughter after she suffered a ruptured disc – he had immediately diagnosed the problem, liaised with her doctor and treated her successfully after months of misdiagnosis elsewhere. From the moment Craig first visited me for a herniated disc (the pain was so bad that, initially, I could not leave my home) I knew I was in very good hands. Craig is obviously a highly knowledgeable expert in his field and, over a period of weeks, he got me walking again without pain using acupuncture and other methods. He also liaised effectively with my GP to recommend complementary medical treatment. I really don’t know what I would have done without Craig's expertise, reassurance and motivation and I could not recommend him more highly." 
Amalia - 5 June 2018 
"I was very satisfied with my physio treatment from Craig. I know the journey to recover would have been much longer without the treatment and advice from Craig. 
I also appreciated the advice for ongoing exercises to improve my fitness and confidence for my return to skiing." 
Sue - 6 April 2018 
"Thank you so much for sorting out my neck. As a result of your great work, I should be back on the tennis courts sooner than I had hoped." 
Kurt - 20 April 2018 
"What a great team working at the clinic. On meeting my physiotherapist Craig he immediately put me at ease and provided great treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend Craig , he will provide you with the best treatment that will provide results." 
Kind regards 
Marie - 24 March 2018 
"Craig is a genius with knees! I am no longer limping down the road wearing a pained expression!" 
Beryl - 1 April 2018 
"Craig was really easy to work with for a shoulder and foot injury I had had for years from a car crash. Before coming to Colchester Physio I had gone to therapists, chiropractors, and Chinese herbalists in Spain, France, and the USA with absolutely no change in my pain and mobility, and had been written off as permanently injured. It took only a few months of exercises, taping, and massage with Craig to be able to get back to walking and running! My pain level is lessening each week, and I hope to be back on my 5ks soon! Thanks Craig, we could say, "the best physio in the world!" 
Cate - 19 March 2018 
"Excellent advice and guidance for doing the exercises. Staff are friendly and welcoming." 
Sylvia - 23 March 2018 
"Thank you Craig for your excellent treatment to my neck. I have lost the giddiness and my neck is more supple so I can move it better. You certainly have healing hands, keep up the good work." 
Muriel - 17 February 2018 
"Craig was recommended to me by a doctor who had, after 5 years of consultations with many 'specialists', diagnosed, located and injected the cause of my hip pain. When I first saw Craig in October 2017, the relief I had had for a couple of months after having the injection, was wearing off, and, frankly, I didn't want physio, I wanted another injection. Now, I feel better knowing that I played a part in the treatment. I did my exercises, turned up for appointments, reported my improvements and whinged when it was hard. Craig never doubted that he was on the right track, he encouraged and reassured, managed my expectations and coped with my frustrations. Only a few months later, 'my pain' has gone and I am getting back to exercise and doing ordinary daily stuff without the misery of chronic pain. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I had thought that I was on the scrap heap. Thank you Craig and staff at Colchester Physio, I'm very grateful" 
Angela - 24 February 2018 
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