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Happy clients 

"After suffering over 6 months of neck pain, I booked an appointment with Craig Fowlie and during the initial consultation, he identified my posture (work and study) as a major causal factor. After just the initial physio session of deep muscle massage, the difference was incredible! I had a further 2 physio sessions and have now completed the treatment. I thoroughly recommend Craig Fowlie, and should I need physio in the future, he would be my first choice. Excellent facilities, easy to find and plenty of parking." 
Jen - 16 July 2019 
"My experience with the treatment I had was excellent Craig was very caring and discussed my disability issues very clearly. 
He recommended that I continue with the exercises and if for any reason to contact him so I could go privately if necessary 
All in all a positive experience thank you" 
Barbara - 27th June 2019 
"I found Craig to be very friendly and knowledgeable. His advice was tailored to help me recover from a twisted ankle in time to do my first triathalon. The exercises he gave me really helped, and I have improved faster than I expected. I would return to Craig if I had any sports injuries in future and would recommend him." 
Lorna- 4th June 2019 
"This comes with sincere appreciation for all the care and support that you have shown both to me and my husband, Ian. 
Your treatment is not only physical - your good humour and gentle way was therapy in itself. 
Nothing has been too much trouble, and your dedication and kindness makes you a true credit to your profession. 
Many thanks, 
Warmest regrds" 
Jane and Ian - 6th June 2019 
"Just wanted to say many thanks for your help in getting greater rotation in my clunky, clicky shoulder joint!  
Very happy to say I now have full rotation and can 'windmill' equally on both sides with no discomfort and various yoga positions are also much more comfortable as a result. The clunking is also reduced and I'll continue with exercising to hopefully maintain the improvements. Many thanks once again." 
Patricia - 19th June 2018 
"Craig was recommended to me by my daughter after she suffered a ruptured disc – he had immediately diagnosed the problem, liaised with her doctor and treated her successfully after months of misdiagnosis elsewhere. From the moment Craig first visited me for a herniated disc (the pain was so bad that, initially, I could not leave my home) I knew I was in very good hands. Craig is obviously a highly knowledgeable expert in his field and, over a period of weeks, he got me walking again without pain using acupuncture and other methods. He also liaised effectively with my GP to recommend complementary medical treatment. I really don’t know what I would have done without Craig's expertise, reassurance and motivation and I could not recommend him more highly." 
Amalia - June 5th 2018 
"I came to see Alasdair with an uncomfortable knee injury resulting from incorrect running practice, having taken up the exercise at the age of 50. He approached my concerns in a very assured way and took much care with his assessment, listening and reassuring in a calm and patient manner. I was quickly diagnosed with a misaligned knee and was set a course of exercises to correct the knee tracking and also strengthen the supporting muscles. Alasdair was excellent at explaining the stages of the recovery process, both the physiologybehind every exercise and how I could expect to feel at each stage. He demonstrated each manoeuvre very patiently and answered all my questions honestly and thoroughly. As an older novice runner, I was never belittled or discouraged, and this made a huge difference to my confidence. After an incremental programme of exercises and reviews with Alasdair, my knee recovered and, to my amazement, no longer leaned inwards in a forward lunge. 
I continued seeing Alasdair on a back-to-running programme and he was always determined I should see through my goals, setting new exercises and clearly outlining the benefits of each. His positive attitude was inspiring and I am thankful to have been treated by such a knowledgeable and caring practitioner. I am now running three times a week and looking forward to my first 10K in May. I havelearnt to watch my form and attend to any niggles. I have learnt that muscle recovery is crucial, but that carefully loading the joints is also advantageous. Mostly, I have learnt that a committed and understanding physiotherapist can really help turn your fortunes around! Thank you!" 
Vanessa - 5th May 2018 
"Some months ago – and I have no idea how or why – my right leg became stiff and inflexible. I could walk around without too much difficulty but getting a sock on the foot in the mornings was excruciating and took ages. I would stand there wondering why although the sock was only a few inches away from my toes it was simply too painful to make that final connection.  
Although you expect this sort of thing when you age (I am seventy now), I realized something had to be done. In despair, I tried physiotherapy with Craig. In the mornings I religiously practised the exercises he recommended, but with no real confidence in the outcome. But – blow me – before I knew where I was I could flex my right knee again and reach the foot to tie up shoe laces, get the sock on and off my foot and all the rest of it. Unbelievable.  
Craig: you are a miracle worker and this is one of those times when just saying thank you seems completely inadequate." 
Paul - June 7th 2018 
"Many thanks to Alasdair for helping me get better in the matter of one week.  
After 6 weeks of pain in my upper left arm and neck and a visit to the walk-in centre, I decided to get physio. Alasdair was very informative went thru the whole process of what was causing my pain showed me some exercises and in only two visits I feel a lot better." 
Wayne - 30th May 2018 
"I Have Just finished treatment with Alasdair for back pain. So glad I went to see him as everyday life was becoming more difficult. He sorted out my pain and reassured me all was ok and that exercise was definitely the way ahead. He gave me a proper exercise regime to follow which gave me the confidence to push myself safely. Alasdair was recommended to me by a friend and in turn, I would not hesitate to recommend him to others. My thanks to Colchester Physiotherapy for making my everyday life that much better." 
Gillian - 14th May 2018 
"From the outset I had great confidence in Craig's diagnosis/treatment, and subsequently it progressed pretty much how he predicted. I like his calm, professional manner with a littlehumour thrown in. On the whole a very professional, welcoming Practice." 
Myrna - 24th April 2018 
Thank you so much for sorting out my neck. As a result of your great work, I should be back on the tennis courts sooner than I had hoped." 
Kurt - 20th April 2018 
"I was very satisfied with my physio treatment from Craig. I know the journey to recover would have been much longer without the treatment and advice from Craig. 
I also appreciated the advice for ongoing exercises to improve my fitness and confidence for my return to skiing." 
Sue - 6th April 2018 
"Craig is a genius with knees! I am no longer limping down the road wearing a pained expression!" 
Beryl - 1st April 2018 
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