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Physiotherapy for Back Pain in Colchester, Essex 

Back pain is one of the most common conditions that we experience in our lifetime and we see a big demand for physiotherapy for back pain in Colchester, Essex. There are many things to consider when treating Back pain. Identifying which structures may be involved is important but equally important is the therapist's understanding of the environment that you live and work in. For example, the demands placed on the back for someone who does a physical job are quite different to the demands of someone who has a sedentary job. 
Back pain can be acute (caused through injury) or it can be insidious or chronic (has occurred without injury or been around for a long time) 
Acute back pain can be treated by the same principles as any soft tissue injury, treatment modalities can be used to optimise healing and reduce pain,  
then as movement becomes easier strength and mobility exercises can be progressed to restore full function. 

Back Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

Chronic back pain does not necessarily indicate that tissue is injured, it is usually due to a manifestation of poor movement patterns and fear or anxiety that certain types of movements will cause catastrophic pain. A physiotherapist skilled in back physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex, can detect issues with movement and use both hands on and hands off treatments to improve confidence in movement and build strength back up again so that function is improved and discomfort is minimalised. 
Common types of back pain that we treat at the clinic are. 
Acute back pain 
Chronic back pain 
Nerve root irritation 
Stress fractures of the pars -interarticularis (Pars fractures) 
Lumbar Hypermobility 
Sacroiliac joint disorders 
"Exception treatment with ongoing care. Very professional and knowledgeable approach. My ongoing back problems have improved so much and my everyday life activities are now enjoyable again. Cannot recommend this practice highly enough, thank you." 
Christine - 01 March 2021 
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