Physiotherapy for Sciatica in Colchester, Essex 

Sciatica is a term used to describe any type of pain or symptoms which is generated from irritation of the sciatic nerve. Colchester Physiotherapy & Sports Therapy Clinic offers targeted physiotherapy for Sciatica in Colchester to help to relieve your pain and get you back on your feet. 
If you’re looking for physiotherapy for sciatica, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Colchester Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, we offer only the best physiotherapy treatments for the pain associated with sciatica. Our highly-qualified and experienced team of specialist physiotherapists have over 40 years of experience performing physiotherapy for various conditions, including sciatica. 
Whether you’re looking for standard physiotherapy, manual therapy, acupuncture or Kinesio taping, we’re happy to help you formulate a bespoke treatment plan. For physiotherapy for sciatica, choose Colchester Physiotherapy. 
Common conditions that we see at this clinic which can cause Sciatica are: 
L5/S1 nerve root impingement 
L4/L5 nerve root impingement 
Piriformis Syndrome 
Adverse mechanical tension 
Recommended Treatments We May Offer for Sciatica 

Sciatica Physiotherapy 

Physiotherapy is one of the most renowned methods for treating the pain associated with sciatica. Sciatica usually occurs when the sciatic nerve, which travels through the hips and buttocks down to each leg, is interfered with by a herniated disk, a bone overgrowth, or muscle inflammation which puts pressure on the nerve. Fortunately, our extensive sciatica physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex, can help to alleviate this pressure. 
We offer a variety of treatments to provide our visitors with choice and total control over their sessions with us. Some of these treatments include: 
Physiotherapy, which is used to diagnose the root cause of your sciatica 
Manual Therapy, which mobilises and relieves stiffness and pain 
Acupuncture, which augments the reduction of sciatica pain 
So, if you require sciatica physiotherapy, and are interested in any of these recommended treatments, contact us at Colchester Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic now to book your appointment. If you aren’t sure what kind of treatment would be best for you, don’t worry. Our highly-trained physiotherapists will point you in the right direction. 
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