Physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex 

Physiotherapists are experts in the physical function of the body and if you're looking for physiotherapy in Colchester, Essex, then you're in the right place. At Colchester Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic our area of expertise is musculoskeletal physiotherapy. We understand how muscle, joints, nerves and bone as well as other soft tissues interact or are affected by injury which is paramount in obtaining a diagnosis and producing effective treatment plan for patients. 
Establishing what has caused the problem is key to resolving it and this is why our clinicians will always be thorough in assessment both subjectively (listening to what you tell us is the problem) and objectively (observing, moving and palpating tissue to identify the source of the problem.) 

Physio in Colchester, Essex 

Following assessment we develop a treatment plan aimed at resolving your issues as quickly as possible. Our physio in Colchester, Essex involves a combination of both hands on and hands off treatment which can include Exercise prescription, Manual Therapy, Gait analysis, Keniso-taping and Acupuncture to facilitate healing, reduce pain and give you the tools to self-manage when you are at home. Not only do our skilled physiotherapists provide physio in Colchester, Essex, but also neighbouring towns and counties. 
We also give you advice on how to measure and gradually load recovering tissue so that the potential for re-exacerbation is reduced and recovery time optimised.  
Make our qualified team your choice for physio in Colchester, Essex, for quality care. 
"Excellent again. Sound diagnosis, clear advice, helpful exercises to follow. I especially like the ethos - the patient is given the means to manage your own recovery." 
Caroline - 03 March 2021 
"I started to visit Craig and his team late last year after being referred for a long standing back problem. I immediately felt at ease with Craig due to his calm and attentive approach" 
Chris - 15 June 2020 
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