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Now that the festive season is coming to a close, many of us are thinking about getting back into or starting a new exercise regime.  
One of the most common problems that our clients present with when increasing physcial activity is increased muscular and tendon discomfort due to soft tissue overload or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMs). Both of these problems are associated with pain however they are not normally linked to significant soft tissue damage so the good news is long periods of rest post exercise are not usually required. 
Boxing for fitness has become a popular exercise in the active community however like any new activity the body will take time to adapt, so how can we protect ourselves from becoming injured? 
Common hand injuries seen in boxers often affect the knuckles, the thumb or the carpo-metacarpal joints (joints in the hand where the long bones of the hand (metacarpals) join with the smaller bones of the wrist/hand (carpals)). Stability of the wrist and hand during impact plays an essential part in injury prevention. 
Osteoarthritis or joint degeneration are often words that provoke fear of movement and a reluctance to participate in physical activity. However in most cases avoiding activity is the wrong thing to do. 
There are different grades of Osteoarthritis and in some cases surgery to replace a joint is required, however for the majority of people with degenerative changes in joints exercise and activity is likely to be beneficial and helpful in reducing discomfort 
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