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Following the recent announcement by the Government tonight and decisions made by our professional Governing bodies today, we have been advised to cease all face to face consultations with clients apart from those who we may identify as requiring emergency treatment and onward referral or who have recently had surgery and require early stage rehabilitation. 
FromTuesday 24th March Colchester Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic will only be available to do remote consultations ( further information with regard to this is posted below). 
We will be emailing all our current clients over the next couple of days and outlining their options for ongoing treatment. 
It is extremely important that at this time we abide by the guidance that we have been given by Government and think of our colleagues, friends, families and particularly those who are already working hard in the NHS. 
Advice for Remote Consultation (RC) users 
Due to the current situation with Covid 19, Governing bodies and some insurance companies have agreed to the use of Remote Consultations as a means to provide treatment advice which is not face to face. This type of consultation is voluntary and it is your choice as to whether you want to use this form of treatment delivery. 
If you choose this type of consultation your consent will be implied by you accepting the RC invite or entering into the consultation. The type of video call media that we are currently using are Skype and Whats App. 
Things that you need to know before your remote consultation 
Video consultations using the media described are securely encrypted however it is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. 
If you are using a mobile phone you must be aware that it is only as secure as any other phone call on your mobile network. 
Your RC will not be digitally recorded however the information collected via listening and observing you during the consultation will be entered into your clinical record in the usual way. 
You must be aware and accept that your assessment via RC is limited to the information you give us re your problem and what we are able to see. Not all of our usual assessment techniques will be able to be undertaken which limits our ability to provide the same level of insight into your condition as a face to face consultation where a more thorough physical examination would take place.  
Self- treatment techniques will be advised however may not be able to be demonstrated as effectively as in a normal clinic. 
After the consultation you will receive more detailed information, pictures, videos on how to do the exercises/treatment techniques as effectively as is possible given the circumstances. 
Should you experience any deterioration in symptoms following the exercises or self treatment prescribed you should contact us so that your current programme can be reviewed and adjusted for your comfort. 
Things you need to do before your remote consultation 
Please wear loose clothing to enable freedom of movement 
Ideally you should be alone in a room with the room door closed, if there are or you would like other people to be present during the consultation we will need you to confirm that you have consented to that person or people to be there. 
Sometime before your consultation we will arrange a test call to make sure there is a good connection and that you are familiar with the form of media you are using. 
You need to be aware that this type of consultation must not be used in the case of a health emergency. 
Our therapists will provide Remote consultations from the secure environment of our clinic. If it is deemed that it is appropriate to charge for the consultation we will take your card details and process the payment via our pay machines at the end of the consultation. So please have your card details at hand. Payment receipts can be posted or emailed to you. Private cost for a remote consultation is £26.00. Please note that only some private insurers have agreed to payment for remote consultations. For further information please feel free to contact us. 
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