Now, if you're anything like me, buying a present for a runner is a minefield!  
Thinking of the obvious gifts; 
Running shoes! But should that include Gait Analysis ? 
Running tops! What colour, what style, vest, short sleeve, long sleeve, zip..etc..etc... 
Heart rate monitor - is there one that lets you BREATH ?! 
Super duper app watch...........but will it work with their phone ?! 
We have something special that will take the stress out of buying the perfect gift for your running loved one and they will thank you for the whole year!  
Our Running Package! 
The running package we offer consists of three sessions of physio. At least one of the sessions include video analysis of you running on treadmill (so bring your running kit and shoes), where we can offer you tips on how you can improve your running style or efficiency. 
If you have an injury, we can use the video analysis to work out what may be the cause of overload on the injured tissue. 
The other two sessions can be used to assist recovery from injury or if you are not injured you can use the sessions for massage and release techniques to help with recovery or be taught how to build up strength to improve running efficiency. 
Once you have purchased the package for £120 you can use the sessions whenever you like over the next 12 months. 
The package can be booked by calling 01206 579631 and letting us know at the time of booking that you would like to purchase the running package. 
Each session is 30 minutes. 
Vouchers Available - Call and speak to our reception staff who are happy to help. 
Craig Fowlie & Associates - here to make your life easier! 
Colchester Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic 


Craig Fowlie 

Craig is a highly specialized physiotherapist with post graduate qualifications in Acupuncture and Sports and Exercise Medicine. 
He has worked with Professional Rugby sides in New Zealand and has assisted Great Britain Table Tennis at the World Team Championships and Olympic Qualifiers in Qatar and Germany. He is a consultant for the Governments Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme and has published and presented research in the Journal of Physiotherapy and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Annual Conference. 
Outside of work he enjoys participating socially in triathlon and running. 
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