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As registered physiotherapists we are all required to meet standards of proficiency set out by the Health Care Professionals Council HCPC. 
Assuring the quality of our practice by collecting data on outcomes from the interventions we have actually delivered is one of these standards. 
At Colchester Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic we invite our clients to consent to participation in the Physiofirst Data for impact study which allows our performance to be externally assessed. We also (with consent) collect and submit objective measurements pre and post treatment intervention to assess improvements in wellbeing and functionality. 
Data is analysed quarterly and good outcomes have resulted in our clinic being awarded Quality Assured Status (QAC). 
The purpose of this Blog is to highlight the effort that Colchester Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic makes to provide present and future clients with externally audited evidence that the interventions we choose and the success that we have is real and not unsubstantiated. 
See below for recent results; 
Pain and function scores : Key for Table 19: 1=painfree and full function 10=Severe pain and loss of function 
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