We often hear of runners opting to have a gait assessment, but do runners need gait analysis? Is the process of gait assessment intended to keep you safe, or is it the latest fad? We outline what gait analysis is and is designed to do, and question its importance below. 

Gait Assessment: What Is It? 

Before we outline what happens during a gait assessment, we thought we would provide some information on what, exactly, a gait is. Your running gait is a term used to describe the movement that occurs throughout the  body when your  foot strikes and leaves the ground with each stride. A gait assessment, seeks to identify your individual gait. It will often involve the assessor asking the client to run on a treadmill for a period of time however it can also be done out in the open. Gait assessment determines your individual running style and identifies any worrisome areas which could lead to tissue overload and possible injury. It can also be used to assess efficiency of running and provide tips that could improve performance. During your gait assessment at Colchester Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, our physios may recommend shoes that are best suited to your running style and provide exercises which can improve running efficiency and  prevent excessive loading of soft tissue structures like tendons and muscles. 

Do Runners Need Gait Analysis? 

So, do runners need gait analysis? Well, that depends. If you are an experienced runner, do not suffer with sports injury often and have a tried and tested shoe, you probably do not need to have your gait assessed. If you are new to running, have an injury or feel discomfort when running, we would encourage you to have your running  gait analysed. The gait analysis service that our physios provide is included in your consultation fee and will provide you with valuable information about your running style. Wherever you are on the experience spectrum, if you are constantly suffering with injury after running it may be worth enquiring about gait assessment at a certified centre. 

Gait Assessment at Colchester Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic 

At the start of this article we set out to answer whether runners need gait analysis. If you are an inexperienced runner, a gait assessment can be a fantastic asset. Not only will you gain valuable insights into your running style, but you may improve running efficiency and prevent excessive tissue loading. If you are searching far and wide on Google for ‘’running assessment near me’’, the team at Colchester Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic can help. We offer a comprehensive gait analysis service will help runners identify how they run, making it easier to purchase tailored trainers and rectify any recurring injuries. If you require any information on this service or any of the services we offer, we encourage you to contact us below.  
Get in touch with the team here at Colchester Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic for honest advice and recommendations! 


Craig Fowlie 

Craig is a highly specialized physiotherapist with post graduate qualifications in Acupuncture and Sports and Exercise Medicine. 
He has worked with Professional Rugby sides in New Zealand and has assisted Great Britain Table Tennis at the World Team Championships and Olympic Qualifiers in Qatar and Germany. He is a consultant for the Governments Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme and has published and presented research in the Journal of Physiotherapy and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Annual Conference. 
Outside of work he enjoys participating socially in triathlon and running. 
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